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    M. Chapoutier 'L'Ermite' Ermitage A.C. 2010

    M. Chapoutier



    Für Robert Parker sieht so Perfektion aus. Für den Wine Spectator, der dem Wein 99 von 100 Punkten gab, wohl auch. Ein Prachtbau, ein Monument, ein Denkmal für alles, was nach ihm kommt. Einen solchen Wein zu machen, davon träumt jeder Winzer.

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    Auszeichnungen & Kritikermeinung

    100 Punkte Robert Parker

    “The 2010 Ermitage l’Ermite (454 cases produced) is another perfect wine. Completely different than Le Pavillon, l’Ermite is always slightly more austere. It comes from a 7.5-acre parcel of sandy, granitic soils at the top of the Hill of Hermitage that produces both red and white compelling Hermitages, somewhat unusual in this tiny appellation. The black/purple-colored 2010 l’Ermite exhibits a tight, more mineral-dominated set of aromatics offering up hints of blue and black fruits, charcoal, steak tartare and an unmistakable floral note. This full-bodied, more austere and tannic effort reveals extraordinary weight, palate penetration and purity. It represents the concentrated essence of a specific site as well as the Syrah grape planted in this magical appellation. Forgot it for 10-15 years, possibly two decades, and drink it over the following 50-75 years.

    In November of this year, Michel Chapoutier finally made the cover of The Wine Spectator. The accompanying article said essentially the same things I had written about over twenty years ago. More importantly, I am thrilled that Chapoutier received this attention because it has long been deserved. History will record that Michel Chapoutier is a revolutionary. He is also a highly emotional man whose infectious love of primitive art, historic books, classical music and, of course, terroir and winemaking are seemingly impossible to harness. Michel Chapoutier was among the first in France to embrace the radical biodynamic agricultural teachings, for which he was initially criticized, but is now praised. He was also the first to print all his labels in Braille, something that cynics considered to be a gimmick, but ask the National Association for the Blind what they think. Coming from a famous family, but moving in a direction unlike any of its previous members, Michel Chapoutier is self-taught. What he has accomplished over the last two decades or more is one of the great wine stories of the modern era. With all his outgoing, boisterous, machine-gun-speed prose that can sometimes sound shockingly cocky, and at other times reminiscent of the famous Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran, there is never a dull moment around Chapoutier., who makes comments such as “Filtering wine is like making love with a condom,” and “Acidifying wine is like putting a suit of armor on the vineyard’s terroir, vintage character and the cepage.” Don’t blame him if his brilliant intellect and shocking vocabulary put his visitors on the defensive. Michel Chapoutier has proven through his genius, the faith of his convictions and backbreaking attention to detail in his vineyards and in the winery that a once moribund negociant (yet with significant vineyard holdings) could become a beacon of inspiration and quality for the entire world. In short, every wine consumer in the world should admire his accomplishments.”

    Wein Bewertungen und Pressestimmen


    Bescheidenheit und Wille: Das sind die Worte, welche die Maison M. Chapoutier wohl am besten charakterisieren. Das Wein-Imperium mit Hauptsitz in der Stadt Tain-l’Hermitage wurde im Jahre 1879 von Polydor Chapoutier als Weinhandelshaus gegründet, seitdem hat sich vor allem qualitativ viel getan, denn was Michel Chapoutier, der das Haus heute führt, in die Hand nimmt, wird zum puren Wein-Gold!

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    Der Wein

    2003 – das letzte Mal, dass der Rote L’Ermite die volle Punktzahl von Robert Parker erhalten hat. Der Wein ist aus 100% Syrah gewonnen, die auf dem Hermitage-Hügel stehen. Die reben sind 80 Jahre alt und stehen auf extrem kargen Granitböden. Das mit größter Sorgfalt selektionierte Lesegut wird entrappt und in Betontanks über 4 Wochen fermentiert. Dabei überschreitet die Temperatur nie 32°C. Mittels Schwerkraft wird der Wein in einjährige Holzfässer gelegt, wo er bis zu 20 Monate verbleibt.

    Wein aus Rhône, Frankreich

    Fact Sheet

    • Weintyp:
    • Geschmack:
    • Ausbau:
    • Reifepotenzial:
      bis 2050
    • Alkoholgehalt:
      13 % vol.
    • Trinktemperatur:
      16-18 °C
    • Produzent:
      M. Chapoutier
    • Region:
    • Nettofüllmenge (in Liter):
    • Rebsorte(n):
    • gesetzliche Angaben:
      enthält Sulfite
    • Artikelnummer:
    Syrah, wein aus Frankreich